Ahead of the 2024 America’s Cup, we reached out to the captains of each team to ask them a few questions in order to get to know them a little better before the tournament kicks off on Thursday, February 29.

Introducing Jared Finklestein, the captain of team Miami. 

(this has been edited for clarity)

Q: How did you get into Padel? And what do you love about it? 

A: I moved to Miami in 2020 and before that I had never even heard of the sport. I played for the first time in January of 2021 and immediately fell in love with it.  Padel is like chess, it’s all about setting up your next shot and being strategic. Racquet skills are important but playing smart and in sync with your partner is what leads to winning matches. In addition, the Padel community is what makes the game incredibly special.  

Q: What’s the best feature about your Padel club?

A: Our team is representing the Miami Padel community rather than a specific club.  We are fortunate to have a robust community of dynamic Padel players that play at all of the Miami Padel Clubs.

Q:What’s your favourite pump up song? Why? 

A: Levels by Avicii. This song always puts me in a good mood and the beats help to get me focused before a big match.

Q: What racquet do you use? Why did you choose that one? Any advice for newbies trying to pick one?

A: Adidas AdiPower. Fortunately I’ve had the opportunity to be sponsored by Adidas and I think this is their best racquet.  It’s very powerful and consistent.  There are no dead spots on this racquet which leads to greater control.  I highly recommend it for beginners to advanced players.

Q: Ok, the America’s Cup is next week. How do you rate your chances of winning? 

A: First and foremost, have a great time. Playing competitive Padel in paradise with a group of amazing people is a dream. All member of our team are constantly playing in tournaments so we are battle tested and ready to compete.  We are coming to Mexico to win!