A brief history of the America’s Cup

The America’s Cup started in the Spring of 2023 with seven teams in its inaugural season, as a way to connect padel players together from all parts of North and South America. After teams competed locally in their respective markets, they converged at Canas Tennis and Padel in Miami for a Showdown. The America’s Cup was founded by redPADEL that looked to provide a service to the sport of padel by hosting an annual tournament that would pit skill, talent and comradery together in team match play. This event is now an annual staple marquee team padel experience kicking off redPADEL’s season.

The 2023 Miami America’s Cup

The first America’s Cup Showdown was held at Cañas Tennis in Miami, Florida. In that first season, seven teams competed from across the U.S. including: Houston Space City, Miami United, Miami Heritage, Key Biscayne Key Rats, All Padel Guayaquil, Calgary Aforza Chiquita’s, and Medellin Nightmare. Over the course of three days, teams competed for a chance win prize money, bragging rights and Championship honors.

In the Semifinals, Miami Heritage defeated Houston Space City with 3-0 (sets) while Medellin Nightmare beat All Padel Guayaquil 2-1 (sets). In the Final on Sunday May 21,  Miami Heritage defeated Medellin Nightmare 2-0 (sets) to claim their first America’s Cup Showdown title.

Here are some highlights from the 2023 Miami America’s Cup Showdown.

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