Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler and former Yankees legend Derek Jeter were in Miami playing in a recent Padel tournament. Dozens of other pro athletes have taken up the sport including Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, and Max Verstappen. Mike Meldman is a financial backer of the sport. With Padel court expansion on the rise in the U.S. there’s more exposure to the game and talent continues to emerge

redPADEL and the 2024 America’s Cup is part of this padel bubble we all feel will burst in a big way this year. So with that, we found 30 extremely great reasons why we should all love padel right now.


1. Because we’re living through the Padel boom 

Padel is growing in the United States and according to market trends released in 2024 there is an expectation that 20,000 padel courts will be built and 15 million players will be playing the sport by 2030. Its market size is expected to reach USD $491.3 million by 2031. CNN also reported that 25 million people play padel in 90 countries – mostly in Europe – and in Spain the sport is second in popularity to soccer. 

2. Because there is an index of every place you can play in the U.S.

The Padel State, run by Austin Edwards, has become a stellar resource for padel news for the United States. Edwards documented every place where you can play padel. 

3. Because Wayne Boich

Reserve Padel is an exclusive club that is invite-only. Even Boich won’t reveal what the cost is to play. But the club is attracting big names – think Dwane Wade, Jimmy Buffett, Vince Vaughn, Udonis Haslem, Ludacris and Wyclef Jean – and bringing Padel into the spotlight. 

4. Because Daddy Yankee has his own team 

Last November Daddy Yankee launched the Orlando-based team the Flowrida Goats in the Pro Padel League. “We will change the face of the sport,” he said. 

5. Because Brittany Dubins is an emerging U.S. star

The Miami native, who now lives in Madrid to further hone her craft, is one name to watch this year. Only one of a few U.S. born players in the PPL in 2023, Dubins has her own podcast and is a natural-born promoter of Padel.  

6. Because, this YouTube clip is dubbed the best point in Padel history 

It has 2.5 million views. 

Watch this: 

7. Because Louie Harris is the latest British Padel sensation

The 21-year old Welshman and former personal trainer won six titles on the LTA British Padel Tour in 2023. The no.3 ranked Brit now plays for the Stingrays in the Pro Padel League. 

8. Because the world’s largest indoor Padel stadium is located in St.Louis

Mike Puertas is the brains behind this endeavor which will feature six Padel courts and 8 Cushion Master II Pickleball courts. It’s a 42,000 square foot facility. It’s $700 to be a member. 

9. Because you can earn a living by playing Padel

The number of tournaments you can enter are expanding for players keen to make a living out of Padel. The circuits are becoming more lucrative. And with more tennis clubs expanding their offering to Padel now, coaches are needed to guide lessons. Padel agents are emerging as well to connect talent to the paying gigs. The Padel economy is bubbling. 

10. Because it’s addictive

Ask anyone that’s ever played it and they’ll tell you the sport is addictive to play. New people to the sport will try it once and never look back. Why? Because it’s fun. It’s a great workout. It’s social. And it’s competitive. It ticks a lot of boxes. 

11. Because Tapia and Sanchez are the world’s best

Agustin Tapia and Ariana Sanchez received 325,000 votes at the Annual World Padel Awards for their stellar 2023 year.  Sánchez and Paula Josemaria won 13 WPT tournaments and one Premier Padel competition. Tapia and Arturo Coello won eleven WPT tournaments and four Premier Padel tournaments last year. 

12. Because it’s gaining media attention from the like of the New York Times, Washington, NBC, CBS. 

National media is having a field day with Padel and the sport is being picked up everywhere – big markets, small towns, Canada, Mexico – and there’s interest from every angle: financial, human interest, competition. Some of the more interesting reads include: “Is everyone playing padel without us?” (NYT), “Behind the push for padel” (Washington Post), “The story behind Jimmy Butler’s love for padel” (Miami Herald), “This is Fun: Tommy Haas sees padel exploding in the US” (Desert Sun), CNBC had this interview “Padel revolution in full swing” and NBC reported on Padel too.  

13. Because local sports clubs are expanding to include Padel

Because of its tasty business model and benefits, sporting clubs across the country steeped in history and tradition are finding ways to add Padel courts into the program and facilities. Health, revenue, inclusive, social are just some of the reasons why sporting clubs are including Padel. 

14. Because there’s 30 Thirty, a short version of the game that could grow bigger

30 Thirty was designed six years ago for Tennis with minor tweaks to the rules. Every game starts at the scoreline of 30-30. If a set reaches 6-6, a nine-point tie-break is played, with sudden death at 4-4. This could be fun.

15. Because Nashville, a town steeped in country music, has a new Padel vibe 

Padel Haus is dropping Nashville’s first ever Padel facility early this Summer. It will be eight courts and in a space of 39,000-square-feet. With the opening of this location, it means Padel Haus will operate 12 percent of the Padel market in the US.

16. Because of the 1000 Court Project

It’s wildly aggressive but we love it. Padel Project UK aims to create 1000 courts across the country. The initiative is led by James Ash and Tim Foster. 

17. Because an abandoned power plant in Virginia is being transformed into a Padel courts 

Two brothers Samuel and Alex Nordheimer are creating a space for Padel where half-dozen courts will exist plus Pickleball on a 19,000 square-foot facility. 

18. Because race car driver Allan Curtis is making Padel his next mission to accomplish 

Curtis, a 58-year old who made a career out of being a racing car driver, is now switching gears (pun intended!) to manage the Padel Hub. Find out how Padel hooked him in via the Padel Paper.  

19. Because Padel has intriguing laws of the game just like golf and squash

To understand Padel is to get to know how the sport is ruled by the laws of the game. Here’s a look at what’s legal and fair play and what to avoid.  

20. Because the Padel School podcast teaches players how to level up their game

The pod covers things like what is needed between training and match ratio, is a ball machine a good partner, and the importance of consistency. And this is guidance everyone needs to up their game.  

21. Because it’s also a game for Seniors

Don’te believe us? Go watch the Seniors World Padel Championship

22. Because Pat Rafter has just become Australia’s Padel ambassador 

It sounds like Rafter, former World no.1 tennis player, could take this sport on as a new racquet challenge. He was the king of the net volley and smash which are perfect attributes for Padel. 

23. Because there’s a glossary of terms that you’ll need to know 

Padel fyi came up with a list of 60 Padel terms and it even has a search bar on the website. It’s pretty handy if you’ve just picked up the game. 

24. Because it’s an easy game to pick up and try but hard to master

Every Padel club founder will tell you this and sell you this before you pick up a racquet. And it’s true. Anyone can have a hit. And after 15 games new players will have a sense of comfort on the court. But to match it with the best, the elites of the game, that requires honing the craft on a much deeper level. 

25. Because the Pro Padel league just added 20 of the world’s best players 

The league and Padel talent is expanding. This year the PPL added 14 players from Spain, three from Argentina, two from the U.S. and one from the U.K. with others from Portugal, Bolivia and Italy. The prize money for the 300 players will reach $1 million in 2024. 

26. Because Willy Lahoz wants to grow Padel in South Africa

His role will include hosting coaching  clinics for corporates, individuals and groups countrywide for the next 12 months but also, according to the Padel Paper, he’ll be developing underprivileged players with talent.

27. Because Padel overtook tennis as the more popular sport in Spain in 2014

The one key stat that backs up this statement, according to Al Jazeera: “Every year, around 900,000 padel racquets are sold compared to 400,000 tennis racquets.”  

28. Because Padel is a game made for doubles pairs only 

Doubles is where the fun is at: more rallies, more strategy, more banter, more challenging. Padel would be a hugely tough game to play one on one and because of that we’re glad this is a game where four people are on the court. 

29. Because Lee Witham spearheaded the Al Grandmaster event in New York and it was backed by the NY Yankees

On the back of 18-hour days, the Brit who lived in NYC for 20 years, hosted this event in the iconic Central Park with skyscrapers overlooking the courts. Witham says there’s a real buzz about Padel in New York but it’s still early days. Read more about his effort here.  

30. Because the 2024 America’s Cup is only a week away 

Everything kicks off next Thursday to battle it out over four days. In case you haven’t heard, redPADEL is bringing 72 players from 12 teams straight to the courts of Club Bacocho in Puerto Escondido. Game on. 


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