Miami 2023: CHAMPIONS Miami Heritage

The first America’s Cup Showdown was held at Cañas Tennis in Miami, Florida. In that first season, seven teams competed from across the U.S. including: Houston Space City, Miami United, Miami Heritage, Key Biscayne Key Rats, All Padel Guayaquil, Calgary Aforza Chiquita’s, and Medellin Nightmare. Over the course of three days, teams competed for a chance win prize money, bragging rights and Championship honors.

In the Semifinals, Miami Heritage defeated Houston Space City with 3-0 (sets) while Medellin Nightmare beat All Padel Guayaquil 2-1 (sets). In the Final on Sunday May 21,  Miami Heritage defeated Medellin Nightmare 2-0 (sets) to claim their first America’s Cup Showdown title.

Here are some highlights from the 2023 Miami America’s Cup Showdown.