Ahead of the 2024 America’s Cup, we reached out to the captains of each team to ask them a few questions in order to get to know them a little better before the tournament kicks off on Thursday, February 29.

Introducing Armando Rodiel who is the captain of the San Diego Stingrays. 

(this has been edited for clarity)

1.How did you get into padel? And what do you love about it? 

My first contact with Padel was in Spain in my town. In the 90s they installed a Padel court in my tennis club and I started playing there. At this time I was playing Frontenis another different rackets sport very popular in Spain. My coach didn’t allow me to play Padel when we were competing in Frontenis but I played secretly with my friends. What I like most about Padel is the combination of the sport with the social aspects and of course the beer after the match.  

2.What’s the best feature about your Padel club?

My club is outdoor and you can see the stars at night. Also the beautiful weather we have in San Diego.  

3.What racquet do you use? Why did you choose that one? Any advice for newbies trying to pick one?

I used several types of rackets. One very light for lessons, another for tournaments. And another to play friendly games. My advice for newbies is if you don’t know the racket before you buy it you must to try it, you need to feel the racket in your hand hitting the balls. Get the advice of a professional or from your coach. 

4.What do you hope to achieve as a team at the America’s Cup? And how do you rate your chances of winning? 

What we hope to achieve in the America’s Cup is to have a great experience and to have the opportunity to meet and live these days with other teams from different countries. If we are lucky enough to win this tournament, although it will be very complicated, it will be a pride to carry the the Cup to the Stingrays house in San Diego. Could be like a dream! Honestly, it’s difficult to give you an answer because  I don’t know the most of the teams. We are willing to give our best version!


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