About team

Are you ready to meet the Stingrays Amateur team from San Diego, California? We are currently at La Jolla Beach, one of the best beaches in San Diego, when suddenly… We see shadows with long tails and elongated faces emerging fearlessly from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. What could they be?
Oh my goodness!! They are the Stingrays of San Diego!

They are led by their captain, Armando Rodiel, also known as “the Big Stingray.” He has warm blood, which is why he spends his time in the ocean from June to September and the rest in his house in La Jolla to avoid the cold. More Stingrays are coming out, and they are coming out in perfect attack formation.

The last Stingray is yet to be determined, but we hope for our “White Medusa” – who will it be?

Team players

  • Armando Rodiel
  • Mark Innes
  • Sebastian Castañeda, "The Blue Octopus"
  • Kashyap Ashok, our "Blue Merlin"
  • Alasdair Owers-Bradley, known as "The Blue Shark"
  • Egle Petrauskaite
  • Jordi Lujan