The America’s Cup starts this week at Club Bacocho in Puerto Escondido with the first serve expected on Thursday morning. 

The tournament will bring together 72 players from 12 top-tier amatuer Padel teams from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile and will showcase the emerging sport of Padel over four days. 

redPADEL spoke with Helwig George, owner of Club Bacocho and captain of one of the 12 teams in the America’s Cup, ahead of Thursday’s opening day. 

“We’re super excited. It’s a big commitment from our side to host an event like this bringing people here who are traveling all the way from Chile – that’s like two or three flights to get here,” he said. “The weather is amazing for people coming from colder places. I think that’s going to be super enjoyable. And I think the most important thing is having a good time playing padel. For our team this is about showing we are great hosts where we can play good padel but also throw a good party.” 

The America’s Cup Showdown launched in 2023 when Redpadel hosted the first cup event in Miami where eight teams competed locally.

“We are incredibly excited to bring the America’s Cup Showdown 2024 to Puerto Escondido,” said Charles Messow, founder of RedPadel.”This event will capture the talent, teamwork and passion that exists within the padel competition in the Americas and we hope hosting it at the exotic beach resort of Club Bacocho will create some amazing life experiences for the players.”

The full schedule is here

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The 2024 tournament will feature the following Padel clubs (and you can see the full rosters of each team here): 

  • Charlotte Pioneers
  • Conecta Chile
  • Sport Haus 
  • Club Bacocho (Oaxaca)
  • Bay Padel (San Francisco)
  • pAtl Hawks (Atlanta)
  • Montreal Blizzard
  • The Pad (Toronto)
  • San Diego Stingrays
  • Sensa Padel (Austin)
  • Aforza Chiquitas (Calgary)
  • Miami United

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