The 2024 America’s Cup will be terrific. Whether you understand padel, new to padel, or are just learning about the sport, this basic run-down on how the tournament will played will help you follow along come February 28.

Here’s how the tournament will work.

Group Stage – Round Robin  

  • There will be 12 teams and 72 players competing
  • Three groups – Group A, B, C – will each have four teams based on available information and redPADEL’s rating
  • Each team will play each other once (minimum of three games)
  • A team match consists of: a division 1, division 2 men’s match, and a women’s match
  • The team that wins 2 out of 3 of those matches is considered the winner

To advance: The team with the best record in the group after the Group Stage – Round Robin will advance to the Semifinals.


  • Ties will be broken by total matches first, then sets and then by total game.
  • Because there are three groups, the 4th team to advance to the Semifinal will be determined by an exciting mini-playoff on Saturday late afternoon/early evening between all the second-place teams from each group
  • The four teams who placed second will play an abbreviated elimination play-off with each match consisting of only a 10-point tie-breaker

To advance: The team that comes out of the abbreviated playoff will advance to the Semifinals to play the no.1 seeded team from the Group Stage – Round Robin format.

NOTE: The second and third best teams from the Group Stage – Round Robin winners will face off in the other Semifinal.

Scoring and Balls

Every match in the Group Stage – Round Robin and Semifinals will be decided by players winning:

  • Two out of three sets with a 10-point super tie breaker to define the third set

The Final will be decided by players winning:

  • A full two out of three sets

All matches will have brand new Wilson balls.


  • Total Prize Money: $15,000
  • Winning team: $3000 plus $2000 in prizes
  • Raffle Prize Pool: $10,000