About team

The Sports Haus in South Norwalk, Connecticut USA is honored to have been invited and to be participating in the 2024 Red Padel Team Championships in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Captain Juan Arraya faced a complex process in selecting this years team to represent TSH. After evaluating a deep talent pool, Juan was able to wisely select his team.

TSH team is proud of its diversity with members speaking a total of 7 languages, having played padel on over 5 continents in the past year, holding national and international titles in over 3 racquet sports, and successfully (so far) parenting over 12 (known) children and 5 pets (ao Jan 2024).

Team manager Mark Fischl and mascot Leo Bobman failed to satisfy the international travel documentation requirements and will not be traveling with the team. Vamos TSH !

Team players

  • Juan Arraya
  • Mark “Dos Manos” Parsons
  • Annica “the Saint” Cooper
  • Dana “Big Wave” Parsons
  • Mehdi “Good Balls” Alami
  • Ron “and Leo” Bobman