About team

pATL from Atlanta, GA is thrilled to be participating in the Red Padel America’s Cup Showdown 2024 in Puerto Escondido.

Captain Andrew Herring had the difficult task of creating a team in a city where padel has only been available for less than 2 months. The team tryouts were fiercely competitive and at the end of the day the team formed itself. With some of the top talent in the history of Georgia tennis participating, the pATL Hawks look to a serious run at the cup.

The pATL team is training hard to get our team of “racketists” ready for the task in Mexico. Expect a lot fire and a lot of shot making as we make our quest for the cup!


  • Tri Sport Specialist – Lisa Teer
  • Former NCAA Doubles #1 – Whitney Kay
  • Former #10 in country from Georgia Tech U – Casey Kay
  • Tennis U14 Singles World Champ – Carlos Benito
  • 3 Time All American – Juan Spir

Team players

  • Andrew Herring (D2)
  • Lisa Teer (W)
  • Whitney Kay (W)
  • Casey Kay (D2)
  • Carlos Benito (D1)
  • Juan Spir (D1)