About team

Club Bacocho Team is delighted to announce its hosting of this year’s Red Padel Team Championship. As the youngest and most vibrant member of the Mexican padel scene, our club embodies the beach spirit, infusing the padel courts with the ocean breeze amidst the lush palm trees and natural beauty of the Oaxacan coast.

While our journey in padel may be short, we boast the most breathtaking sunsets and the coldest beers in town. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of players from around the globe who share our passion for padel.

Captain Helwig George scoured his contacts beyond Puerto Escondido to assemble a team of the coolest players capable of competing at the Red Padel’s high level. We can’t wait to showcase our skills and hospitality to the world during this exciting championship!

“Sweller Geller” Nanaxhi Chávez

Estibaliz “La Baby” Poucel

Enrique Kike Uribe “El sobrino”

Jorge “Giorgio The Killer” Rangel Cobo

Mexico´s former #1 Raul “El Portugués” Mendez

Club Bacocho´s Helwig “El Jefe” George

Our team is comprised of some Oaxacan players, but also complemented by talented individuals from Mexico City and Querétaro. Rest assured, CB Team is committed to giving its all on the court and also sharing the finest aspects of our culture with everyone involved in the championship. Get ready for a display of skill, teamwork, and the rich diversity that our team brings to the Red Padel Team Championship!

Fuerza, Palapa!

Team players

  • Helwig George
  • Jorge Rangel Cobo
  • Estibaliz Poucel
  • Nanaxhi Chavez Geller
  • Raul Mendez
  • Enrique Uribe Pliego