About team

Like our name, we sound fun and playful but if you don’t watch out, we will come up to net and smash the ball by you! We love Padel in Calgary and are excited to represent Canada in the RedPadel America Cup. Our motto is: Life is too short, Play Padel!

Captain Jeff Spiers (a former NCAA Div 1 All American playing tennis for the University of Colorado) s the owner of Aforza with his wife Karen and in 2021, Aforza partnered with Padel Canada to build three indoor Padel courts at the club to allow people the ability to play Padel year round.

Team players

  • Jeff Spiers
  • Riva Mackie
  • Anna Pentland
  • Bruno Alfaro
  • Alejandro Garza
  • Sebastian Garza
  • Erick Codoner